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Effective Spider Control In The Metro East

Don’t let spiders make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Let us get rid of them for you.

Wolf Spider walking on floor

Spider Extermination In The Metro East

Although most spider species are harmless, they can still be a nuisance, particularly when they start building webs all over your home. Not to mention, some species can still bite, causing discomfort and possibly a mild allergic reaction. This is why it’s understandable that many people want to get rid of spiders in their homes.

At Pestegic, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable and safe in your own home. That’s why we offer comprehensive spider control services that are focused on getting rid of spiders while minimizing the use of pesticides in your home. Our experienced technicians use a multi-pronged approach to eliminate active spider infestations and prevent future problems.

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Spider Pest Control Treatments

Spider Web Removal and Extermination

The first thing we do during every Pestegic Defense pest control treatment and during a targeted spider control job, is called de-webbing. We use a pole that extends over 30 feet to remove all spider webs and associated debris from the eaves, windows, and other surfaces on your home. This not only makes your home look better, it gives us vital information about where spiders are finding prey on your home so we can apply a more effective treatment.

Exterior Barrier Treatments

Spiders like to build webs and hunt in areas with lots of prey – insects. Our barrier treatments kill spiders, and the insects they eat, making your home an unappealing place for them to build their home.

Indoor Spider Treatments

Most indoor spiders are hunters, not web builders. These spiders are usually found in storage areas, basements and other places that are dark and cozy for spiders. We utilize glue boards and crack and crevice treatments to eliminate these spiders from your home.

The best way to keep spiders out of your home is to keep insects out. We highly recommend routine pest control treatments to keep your home spider free.

De-Webbing a home's eaves
Removing Spider webs from a 2 story home

Only 2 Spiders in our Area Are Harmful

Spiders are a common sight in the Metro East, but fortunately, most species are harmless to humans. However, two species that can be dangerous are the Brown Recluse and Black Widow. The Brown Recluse is known for its distinctive violin-shaped marking and can cause severe skin necrosis if bitten. The Black Widow is recognized by its shiny black body and red hourglass shape and can cause muscle spasms and abdominal cramping.

While these bites can be serious, it’s important to remember that spider bites are rare, and even when they do occur, most bites don’t result in harm. Most people experience mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

Despite the rarity of spider bites, many people still find the presence of spiders in their home to be unsettling. Our spider control services are designed to eliminate spiders from your home and keep them from returning.

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Photo comparing the appearance of a brown recluse and black widow spider
These two distinctive spiders can be dangerous, but bites are rare, and even when they do occur, most bites don’t result in harm.

What To Expect During An Spider Control Treatment

Identifying Areas of Concern

When our technician arrives, they’ll greet you and ask about your spider concerns. They’ll request that you point out any areas where you’ve seen spiders and if you’ve tried any DIY methods to eliminate them. After confirming the presence of spiders, the technician will identify the type of spiders you’re dealing with. Based on the findings, they will determine the most effective treatment method for your specific situation.

As part of the service, the technician may also conduct a thorough inspection around your home to pinpoint potential entry points where spiders could be getting inside. This will enable them to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both the current infestation and any future spider problems.

After Treatment

After a spider treatment, you can expect a significant reduction in the spider population in your home. However, it’s important to note that spiders may continue to be present in the area for several days as they move out of areas that were inaccessible during treatment, and then come in contact with our treatment products.

To maintain a spider-free home, it’s important to keep up with regular cleaning and clutter reduction. This will help eliminate spider hiding spots and prevent new spiders from entering your home. The technician may also provide you with specific recommendations based on your unique situation to help prevent future spider infestations. If you do continue to see spiders after treatment, remember, our spider service is guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact Pestegic for further assistance.