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Protect Your Home With Termite Treatments in the St. Louis Metro East

Over 600,000 homes in the US are damaged by termites each year. Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Termites Eat Your Home, From The Inside Out

Termites in our service area are subterranean.  They burrow through the ground looking for sources of wood to eat, and unfortunately our homes are a prime source of food for them.

Once termite workers find your home, the rest of the colony will soon show up to help. 

Unfortunately, because they start on the inside, termite damage isn’t found until it’s much too late.

Our Termite Guarantee

We Guarantee our termite service will keep your home termite free.

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Our Termite Treatment

We strongly recommend and install Active Bait Stations.

Other popular bait systems do not contain any insecticide.  Instead, they rely on monitoring blocks, and insecticide is only added when termite activity is detected by the technician.

Our Active Bait Stations are always equipped with insecticide, so from the very first termite that encounters it, they’re carrying the bait back to the colony and eliminating the threat.

Liquid Termite Treatments Vs Bait Stations

When using actual insecticide in a bait station, bait stations have proven just as effective at eliminating termite colonies as liquid treatment.  Termites come in contact with the insecticide and bring it back to the colony, eliminating the threat.

Liquid Termite Treatments

Liquid treatments are labor intensive, and are effective for 10 years. Annual inspection is required to maintain termite warranty.

$5,500 Average Cost Over 10 Years

  • Applied in trenches next to your foundation
  • Drill holes in any concrete patios, walkways, etc.
  • Re-treatment required every 10 years

Termite Bait Stations

Bait treatments cost significantly less up-front, and are just as effective, but require annual inspection & maintenance.

$3150 Average Cost Over 10 Years

  • Discrete bait stations are placed around your home
  • No Drilling or Trenching Required in most Circumstances
  • Always active, does not require re-treatment after 10 years