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Our Pest Free Guarantee

Having a pest free home is important to you, and we have designed our service to make sure you get what you paid for.

We use an assessment based pest management strategy that keeps your home free of targeted pests

If you see live insects, a rodent, or evidence of pests, give us a call and we’ll come out and fix it, at no additional cost.

Guarantee Details

We are very proud to provide the best quality of service possible.  We take a careful assessment based approach to controlling pests in your home.  To that end, we guarantee success.

Pestegic Defense Routine Pest Control

Our routine Pestegic Defense treatment is designed to keep the inside of your home free of crawling insects like ants, peridomestic roaches, millipedes, spiders, rodents, etc.

Excluded Insects

Termite control is not included in our Triple-Care treatment. Termite Treatments are available as an additional service.

Bed Bugs are brought into the home, and are not part of our routine triple-care treatment.  Bed Bug treatments are available as an additional service.

While no service can guarantee against flying insects like house flies or stink bugs, our treatment strategy is effective at minimizing the occurrence of these insects entering your home.

Termite Treatments

Our preventative termite treatments are highly effective at preventing termites from reaching your structure.  All of our termite treatments are guaranteed to keep your home termite free.  If new signs of termite activity are found in your structure, we will treat it free of charge.  Termite Damage is NOT covered or included under our termite guarantee.

Liquid Treatments & Termite Stations are guaranteed for 1 year, and are renewed upon inspection/maintenance. 

Targeted Pest Treatments

We are very careful to set a treatment-plan that will eliminate your pest problem.  If you see a bug within 30 days of your treatment plan ending, call us and we’ll come back out and take care of the problem.

*All of the above descriptions of our guarantees are representative of our service guarantees.  It is not a legal document, and does not take precedence over or supersede any written and signed agreement.  Full terms of our guarantee are included in your service agreement.