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Pest Facts

Spider Control: Everything You Need to Know

Spiders are probably the most misunderstood insect, and the one that causes the most calls. There are only 2 spiders in our area that can harm you, and it’s very rare that they are found in your home. Most spiders you see are perfectly harmless to humans, and they’re great for your yard.

As great as spiders are for your property, you still don’t want them in your home, basement, or building webs in your eaves.

Do You Need Help With Spiders?

How are Spiders a Pest?

Harmful Spiders – Brown Recluse & Black Widows

The only two venomous spiders that we find in Metro East Illinois are Brown Recluse spiders and Black Widows.  Both prefer to stay outdoors, but may come inside when the weather outside is bad.

Thankfully, both of these spiders prefer to stay outside. When they do come inside, they like dark secluded, dry spaces where they can hunt other insects.

Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse spider is a hunter, but they don’t hunt anything bigger than other small insects.  While they do build webs, they use their webs as homes, to lay eggs and store food.  They are rarely found inside homes, but if you do find them they’ll be in a dry, out of the way place like your basement, closet, attic, or perhaps a box or books that don’t move very often.  They like cracks and crevices that are good hunting grounds and keep them secluded.  Outdoors, you’ll find them in wood piles, or brush.

Black Widow

Black Widow spiders are gatherers, they build large sprawling webs close to the ground to capture other insects for food.  They can come indoors when the weather gets cold, but it is quite rare.  Black Widows prefer to stay outside under a deck, inside sheds, hollow stumps, wood piles, places that are cool, dark and dry.

Nuisance Spiders

All other spiders found in our area are nuisances, but they’re not dangerous.  Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders look frightening, but they’re generally harmless.  Some spiders can bite, but they’re not venomous.  They may cause a pinch or an itching sensation if you get bit, but it will pass quickly.

How to Deal With Spiders in Your Home

To Keep Spiders Out, Keep Insects Out

Spiders don’t hang out in places where they can’t find food.  Keeping insects out of your home is the absolute best way to keep spiders out of your home.  Additionally, spiders like to live in secluded out of the way spaces.  Keeping your home clutter free is a good strategy to keeping it spider-free.  If they don’t have a place to set up a web and find food, they will stay outside where they can eat.

Getting Rid of Spiders

If you eliminate a spider’s food source, quickly take down webs and egg sacks, your spider problem with likely disappear rapidly. If you’re not comfortable handling a spider problem on your own, or you think you may have one of the dangerous spider types, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

Common Spiders Found In The Midwest

Here are some of the common spiders you will find in your home:

Wolf spider (Lycosidae): Wolf spiders are large, hairy spiders that can be found both inside and outside of homes. They are not venomous and are not considered dangerous to humans, but their size can be intimidating. They are known for their speed and ability to hunt down prey. They are usually gray or brown in color and often active at night.

Cobweb spider (Theridiidae): This spider is also known as the comb-footed spider, due to the comb-like row of bristles on the hind legs. They build irregular webs, often in corners or other tight spaces. They are not venomous, but can bite if they feel threatened.

Golden orb-weaver spider (Argiope aurantia): This spider is known for its bright yellow and black coloring and large, round web. They are not dangerous to humans and can be found in gardens and near outdoor lights.

House spider (Tegenaria domestica): This is a common spider found in homes and is typically brown or gray in color. They build webs in corners, basements, and other areas of the house. They are harmless to humans and often help control other insect populations.

Cellar spider (Pholcidae): This spider is also known as a daddy longlegs and is typically found in dark, damp places such as basements and crawl spaces. They are also harmless to humans and have a very thin and elongated body and long legs.

Yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium inclusum): This spider is light yellow in color and often found in homes. They are venomous and their venom can cause mild to moderate symptoms. They are often found in sac-like webs in corners or other tight spaces.

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae): This spider is not venomous, but it can bite if it feels threatened. They have a flat body and long legs, and are known for their speed and agility. They are often found in homes and can be quite large.