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Pest Facts

House Fly Control: Everything You Need to Know

The common house fly is one of the most common insects that can invade your home. Flies lay their eggs in garbage cans, waste baskets, or anywhere there is organic matter. They lay about 150 eggs a day, so it doesn’t take long for 1 fly to turn into hundreds of flies.

They get inside through open doors/windows and holes in screens. If there are only a few of them, you can take care of them with a fly swatter. Once you start seeing more than a handful, it can be a much more difficult problem to solve.

Do You Need Help With House Flies?

How are House Flies a Pest?

Flies cause problems when they land on garbage and then spread whatever they picked up to every other place they land in your home.  Let’s say they landed on a meat packer’s tray from last night’s chicken that was in your outdoor garbage bin.  When you open the door to let your dog in, the fly may come in and land on your countertop.  Now whatever the fly picked up in the garbage bin has been transferred into your home.

While a biting fly isn’t a house fly, it can still be painful, and getting rid of them is a similar process.

How to Deal With House Flies in Your Home

Keep The Flies Out

Exclusion is the best way to keep the flies outside.  Make sure all of your screens fit your windows properly if you have the windows open, and make sure your windows are sealed properly. Don’t leave doors open, and make sure any cracks or crevices are sealed so the flies can’t get into your home.

Flies will always be able to tag along with you when you open the door, so make sure you quickly close the door to your patio when coming in and out, as flies are often attracted to outdoor living areas.  They like your BBQ as much as you do!


Even the cleanest home will occasionally see a house fly, but sanitization is a key to making sure that the occasional fly doesn’t turn into an entire swarm.  Make sure you take the garbage out frequently, and a garbage can with a lid that seals nicely will help keep them out while it’s still in the house.

Flies love sugary substances, so make sure spills are wiped up and then cleaned afterwards.  Just because you can’t see the spill anymore, a fly can still sense the sugary goodness left behind from a spilled soda.


There are a few things you can do outdoors to discourage flies.  The first is to make sure there aren’t sources of food/organic material for the flies to lay their eggs in.  Be sure to clean out the grease trap of your BBQ Grill, and clean the grill thoroughly after using.  Clean up pet feces from your yard, because flies love it, and it’s one of their favorite breeding grounds.

General Pest Control

Outdoors, flying insects can’t be eliminated.  Even if you get rid of all the flies in your yard, they’ll soon be flying in from the neighbors. You can reduce the population through routine pest control on the exterior of your home.  We spray surfaces like the foundation and eves of your home with a strong residual so if a fly lands on it, it dies.