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Effective Ant Control In The Metro East

There are 2.5 million ants on the planet for every person. Make sure they’re not living in your house.

Close Up Photo of a Ants eating Bait

Ant Extermination for Your Home

Ants are like tiny, unwelcome guests that invade your home and cause all kinds of problems. Ants are primarily a nuisance pest, but they can also spread pathogens like salmonella and other germs. Carpenter ants can cause property damage when they burrow into wood structures to create a nest. It’s important to keep ants out of your home.

Our ant control services help you get rid of these pesky bugs for good. When it comes to dealing with ants, prevention is key. However, sometimes even the most diligent homeowner can find themselves facing an infestation.

Whether you’re dealing with a few stray ants or a full-blown invasion, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to eliminate them from your home.

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Our Guarantee

We Guarantee our ant control service will keep your home ant free.

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Ant Control Treatments

Ant Inspection and Identification

When you have ants in your home, we first identify the type of ant you have. There are over 12,000 species of ants, and knowing the ant we’re dealing with allows us to choose the right products and strategy to eliminate them.

Ant Removal and Extermination

For most ant issues, we focus on treating outside the home and utilizing baits. Only a small number of ants in a colony forage for food, and using baits allows the foragers to carry the product back to the colony, eliminating the source.

Ant Prevention and Maintenance

Our Pestegic Defense preventative service is guaranteed to keep ants out of your home. We create a barrier around your home’s foundation and entry points that keeps ants from entering your living space in the first place. Ants living in nature, in your garden, your flower beds, and your yard are unaffected until they try to enter you home.

Black Ants eating bait
These ants loved our bait – they were feeding on it within seconds of application

Why Homeowners Struggle With Ant Extermination

While do-it-yourself (DIY) ant treatments may seem like a quick and easy fix, they often fail to provide a long-term solution to ant infestations. Many DIY ant products, such as sprays and repellents, kill ants on contact, which may provide temporary relief, but do not address the root of the problem – the ant colony.

Consumer grade ant bait that you find at your local hardware store definitely kill ants, but they often kill too quickly for the ant to take the bait back to the colony and share the bait. This means the colony sends out more foragers, and your ant problem continues.

Homeowners also struggle with ant elimination because not all species of ants respond to the same bait formulations. Some ants prefer sweet baits, others prefer baits that have more proteins and fats. Our technicians are ant experts, and will identify the ant species and make sure we’re using the right products for effective ant control.

What To Expect During An Ant Control Treatment

Identifying Areas of Concern

When the technician arrives, they will knock on your door and discuss your ant concerns with you. You’ll be asked to show them where you’ve been seeing ants, and whether you’ve tried anything on your own to get rid of ants. If ants are present, they’ll identify what kind of ants you’re dealing with. The technician will use this information to determine what the best treatment method is for your unique situation.

The technician will likely also inspect the area around your home to identify where the ants may be coming inside.

Outdoor Treatment

The technician will apply a barrier treatment to your foundation and entry points. Any ant that crosses this barrier to enter your home will pick up the product, and carry it back to the colony, eliminating the problem at the source. If you have a large number of ants in the landscaping near your home, the technician may need to apply bait granules outdoors. Ants love these and are often seen carrying the bait back to their colony before the technician even leaves your home.

Inside Treatment

An inside treatment could be necessary to eliminate ants. Generally, this indoor treatment will consist of dusts and gel baits that are placed behind cabinets & walls. Gel bait and dust are highly effective treatments that can help eliminate ant infestations inside your home. Gel bait & dust are slow-acting products that ants will take back to their colony, ultimately eliminating the entire population. Both of these treatments are highly targeted and designed to be applied in small, specific areas, minimizing any potential exposure to you, your family, or your pets.

After Treatment

It’s important to understand that ant treatments are not instantaneous. Effectively controlling ants needs to be done slowly so we can eliminate the entire colony of ants. In the first couple of days after the treatment, you should see ant activity slow down dramatically. Within 5-7 days, it should be completely eliminated.

You do not need to leave your home for an Ant Control treatment. Indoor treatments like dusts and baits are placed in areas where your family or pets will not come in contact with them. Outdoor treatments are safe after the product has dried completely, so it’s best to keep pets indoors for 2-3 hours after the treatment.